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Product information:
Material: white porcelain
Surface technology: Glazing
Packing: ordinary packing
Style: Chinese
Process: Painted
Hanging form: ornaments
Decorative pattern: single glaze
Material type: Porcelain
Size: Small round bottle is 12cm high, big round bottle is 13cm high, big mouth bottle is 14cm high and maximum diameter is 8cm

Color style:
Style A: Peacock Blue Big Mouth Bottle
Style B: Peacock Blue Big Round Bottle
Style C: Peacock Blue Small Round Bottle
Style D: Large round bottle with color glaze
Style E: Color glaze small round bottle
Style F: Color Glazed Bullet Bottle
G style: blue and white big mouth bottle
H style: blue and white big round bottle
I style: blue and white bullet bottle
J style: blue and white small round bottle

Packing list:
Ceramic vase*1



Handmade Ceramic Flower Vase

20,00 €Precio
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